Tunbridge Vermont

Tunbridge, Vermont is a beautiful town in central Vermont that, in addition to being a bucolic farming community, is also the home of the Tunbridge World's Fair.

A number of residents in Tunbridge, Vermont (myself included) were hoping to establish an official website for the town that would allow residents a one-stop spot to locate information pertinent to citzens of the town—including a calendar of events and business listing, to name a few. Red Clover Design registered the domain, installed Wordpress as an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) and used the free Google Calendar service to establish the calendar of events.

Gulf View Farm

Gulf View Farm is a family-owned and operated Christmas tree farm located in Williamstown, Vermont. Their trees are individually hand-planted and trimmed, which they believe keeps the holiday tradition alive. This loving care clearly shows in the quality of their trees.

Red Clover Design helped Gulf View Farm identify a hosting company and register their domain before installing Wordpress as a way for them to manage the site on their own once completed. Red Clover Design also assisted Gulf View Farm with setting up a paypal account and an e-commerce section of their site that allows them to sell their trees around the country!

Rosalie Wilson

Rosalie Wilson specializes in marketing, business planning, and business development for farms, non-profits and small businesses. Rose's mission is to make a difference on a local level and she focuses on building community relationships; fostering strong, sustainable, local economies and encouraging environmental stewardship by supporting local agriculture and family farms.

Rose is tech-savvy and wanted Red Clover Design to help her identify a hosting company for her business web site, as well as an open source content management system (CMS) that she could learn to use on her own. Red Clover Design helped Rose find the right hosting compamy, installed Wordpress for her and created the look of the website, and in a few short tutorials assisted her in learning to manage her site on her own.

The Village Store

The Village Store is a quaint restaurant that is also a general store and provides catering services to Tunbridge, Vermont and the surrounding area. The business is run by the husband and wife team of J.P. and Judi Debeuf.

The Debeufs asked for a site that they could use to advertise their restaurant and catering company knowing that many people turn first to the Web when looking for such services. Red Clover Design set them up with a website which includes their catering menu, as well as a electronic mailing list and "blog" that allows them to advertise specials and events.

Kiess Pipes

Kiess Pipes is the creative outlet of Dr. Robert Kiess, who lives in Vermont. Bob carves beautiful pipes.

Bob hired Red Clover Design to register and host his domain as well as design a site to display and sell his hand-carved pipes. Bob had a basic PayPal account from using eBay, so we upgraded his account and added simple "buy now" transactions to the site. Bob loves traveling to pipe carving conferences around the country, but now Bob can sell his pipes from the comfort of his mountain home.

Land & Lamb

Land & Land's mission is to nurture Navajo-Churro sheep, to promote their survival and continuance as one of the oldest and hardiest breeds in North America. Land & Lamb sells breeding stock, fleece, roving, yarn and handmade clothing by Land & Lamb's Marian White, and her friends.

Marian's site was a bit dark and dated, and she wanted to add e-commerce. Red Clover Design freshened up the site with soft, bright tones, and re-organized Marian's photos and content. Since Marian already had a PayPal account, adding a basic shopping-cart was simple, and something she was already confident using.

Friends of the Morrill Homestead

The Friends of the Morrill Homestead website had remained unchanged for nearly 10 years.

The Friends original website was what is referred to as a "brochure site" meaning that it only conveyed basic information. The site had a brief biography of Justin Smith Morrill, a small map and directions to the homestead, and short blurb on the organization. Red Clover Design expanded on this information, and added a number of features, including:

  • Contact form — This helped protect the group from spammers.
  • Rotating banner — Displayed quotes from famous people and showed photos from the beautiful grounds.
  • Interactive Google map — Assists visitors to the area in finding lodging, food and other points of interest.
  • Announcement list — Allows the group to communicate with interested people via email.

The Friends of the Morrill Homestead website is also hosted by Red Clover Design.

Scully Sound

Scully Sound is a local small business that specializes in live audio recording. Sarah Scully, the proprietor, wanted a website that would allow her to add audio clips and updates after each show she recorded.

The solution, in this case, was to use a popular free blogging tool called WordPress. WordPress has a WYSIWYG interface that is similiar to many word processing tools such as Microsoft Word™. Sarah was familiar with other blogging software and this solution met her needs.

Red Clover Design installed the WordPress application, set up the database to run the application and created the graphic look for the site.

Scully Sound is also hosted by Red Clover Design.

Urban Institute

The Urban Institute site was not exactly a client of Red Clover Design, but Rick Scully built and managed the prestigious organization's many websites for nearly a decade. When Rick arrived in 1996, the Urban Institute web site was a small brochure site. By the time he left, in 2005, the site contained hundreds of free publications for public download; included an online e-commerce site to sell the books produced by the Urban Institute Press; contained many sub-sites for the various public policy centers that make up the Urban Institute; and reached thousands via e-mail lists.

Terrapin Gardens

Terrapin Gardens is the online home of Rick and Sarah Scully. It is part weblog (aka, blog), part journal. Rick and Sarah use the site to keep in touch with friends and family and to share their photography via the free online photo service, Flickr. They also use the site to advertise their small sheep farm.

Terrapin Gardens also runs on the free CMS called Wordpress making it easy to use and update.

Recipe Repository

The Recipe Repository is a multi-user blog that allows its members to share recipes with one another. Like Scully Sound, it is built on WordPress in order to make its maintenance easier for its users who have varying levels of technical expertise.