Below are a few examples of some projects on which I have worked. The list is not complete.

Vermont Natural Sheepskins

Vermont Natural Sheepskins is the only known all-natural sheep & goat skin tannery in the country; and just happens to be owned and operated by my wife, Sarah. For this project I worked with Sarah to set up ecommerce, and a payment system that worked with her Quickbooks setup. With Sarah’s help I created a site that responsive and looks just as good on tablets and phones as it does on a computer.

Official Tunbridge, Vermont

tuntownTunbridge, Vermont is a beautiful town in central Vermont that, in addition to being a bucolic farming community, is also the home of the Tunbridge World’s Fair.

A number of residents in Tunbridge, Vermont (myself included) were hoping to establish an official website for the town that would allow residents a one-stop spot to locate information pertinent to citizens of the town—including a calendar of events and business listing, to name a few. I registered the domain, installed WordPress as an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) and used the free Google Calendar service to establish the calendar of events. There is an unofficial Facebook page for the town, which I also manage.

In 2015 the Vermont legislature enacted a law concerning the warning of meetings and the timely posting of minutes. On my personal page, I wrote about how I solved this problem using free software and email so that the volunteer citizens with not web experience can update the site per the law.

The town site changed in 2016 and is no longer managed by Red Clover Design. The content from the site I did manage is archived for historical purposes.

Tunbridge World’s Fair

When the Tunbridge Fair wanted to make more of their website, they contacted me to help transfer the domain from the old host, and set up a whole new website. Once the new site was up, I trained staff on updating their WordPress site. In addition to managing the website for this Vermont institution, I also manage The Fair’s Facebook Page.

Friends of the Tunbridge World’s Fair

friendsoffairWhile the Tunbridge Fair itself has been around for over 150 years, The Friends of the Tunbridge Fair organization is relatively new, and I developed their first website using WordPress to manage their web presence. Being a 501.c.3 nonprofit organization, I found The Friends of the Tunbridge Fair free web hosting via Dreamhost.

Gage Hill Crafts

ghc-screenshot2015Gage Hill Crafts is a family-owned and operated crafts hobby site. An offshoot of my wife and my’s original sheep farm — Terrapin Gardens — which began in 2008, Gage Hill Crafts was founded in 2013 to promote our enthusiasm for wool, fiber products, food, beer, travel, etc. We share recipes, travel journals, and photography projects.

Watershed Fine Furniture

watershedWatershed Fine Furniture, as you might expect, is the website for a local carpenter who specializes in fine furniture. The carpenter, Michael, wanted a website where he could share the entire process of his carpentry from drawings to completed works. I set him up with a nice looking website to compliment his skills, and trained him to manage and maintain it on his own, which he has been doing now for years.

WFVR-LP, Royalton Community Radio

wfvrWFVR-LP, locally known as Royalton Community Radio, is a special case where the website was least of the work I did. In addition to designing the website, and embedding HTML5 audio players so fans around the world can tune in, I worked with a friend to design, test, implement and build a whole studio environment. We identified software, and created new processes from scratch to finally come up with a system that minimizes human interaction. We developed a stream-on-demand feature that automatically updates the website with the most recent radio show for each program, as well as a method to record and rebroadcast programs.

Friends of the Morrill Homestead

The Friends of the Morrill Homestead website had remained unchanged for nearly 10 years.

The Friends original website was what is referred to as a “brochure site” meaning that it only conveyed basic information. The site had a brief biography of Justin Smith Morrill, a small map and directions to the homestead, and short blurb on the organization. I expanded on this information, and added a number of features, including:

  • Contact form — This helped protect the group from spammers.
  • Rotating banner — Displayed quotes from famous people and showed photos from the beautiful grounds.
  • Interactive Google map — Assists visitors to the area in finding lodging, food and other points of interest.
  • Announcement list — Allows the group to communicate with interested people via email.

In 2014 I added a sub domain to the site to help The Homestead “sell” tickets to the various events they hold each summer. I created an e-commerce site using WordPress, WooCommerce, and PayPal and not people can register and pay for events securely online.

The Friends of the Morrill Homestead website is also hosted for free by Dreamhost due to its nonprofit status.

Rosalie Wilson

roseRosalie Wilson specializes in marketing, business planning, and business development for farms, non-profits and small businesses. Rose’s mission is to make a difference on a local level and she focuses on building community relationships; fostering strong, sustainable, local economies and encouraging environmental stewardship by supporting local agriculture and family farms.

Rose is tech-savvy and wanted me to help her identify a hosting company for her business web site, as well as an open source content management system (CMS) that she could learn to use on her own. I helped Rose find the right hosting company, installed WordPress for her and created the look of the website, and in a few short tutorials assisted her in learning to manage her site on her own.