Web Development

Depending on your needs we can guide you to registering a domain, and/or setting up hosting, or point you toward free services. We aren’t set up to be a soup-to-nuts design and development firm.  We exist exclusively to help people/small businesses/farms who need to have a presence on the web do so quickly. Our rates are flexible depending on the scope of the project. For more information, contact us.

Hardware & Software

We don’t do Windows. Sorry, folks. It has been too long and at this point I only agree to help with Apple products. But if you need assistance with your Mac product I will be happy to consult with you.

Repurposing Hardware

Did you get a new Mac and you want to find a loving home for your old one? We can help find a deserving nonprofit, student, etc. to take care of your previous machine. We can even help you transfer all of your old stuff from your old machine if you contact us before you get started.